What exactly is an EICR Certificate Do you require one in order to sell your home in 2023?

EICR Certificate, Do you have proof that your home is in good condition? Buyers want assurance that the new house is as secure as it is large so having the appropriate documents for safety will allow you to protect your home’s value.

This article will explain the information you need to know about EICR certifications to assist you to identify an under-appreciated selling point. We’ll also discuss other tips for property owners, such as what to do if you do not have an EICR Certificate, and how to locate the best estate agent who can help.

What exactly are EICR certificate and what do they serve?

“EICR” stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report. The name implies that EICR certificate provide a summary of the health of the electrical infrastructure in your home and how secure it is. EICRs examine all electrical fixtures that are permanent to an apartment, such as:

The electric Meter

Major fittings such as outlets, fuse boxes, and lights

Any wiring visible or exposed inside the property

Safety and heating equipment, such as boilers panels, showers, heaters, and hard-wired smoke detectors

EICRs aren’t able to consider appliances like white kitchen appliances, personal appliances televisions, etc. because they aren’t installed within the home. They are instead covered within the test for portable appliances (PAT) specifications.

EICR certificate are required only by landlords as well as rental property owners. These certificates guarantee that any property’s electrical systems won’t create an explosion or harm tenants. But, a similar structure (the Electrical Installation Certificate or EIC and Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate or MEIWC) is in place for property owners who sell their homes to residential buyers.

A property that doesn’t conform to British standards for safety in electrical appliances could be considered to be a criminal offense. Sellers should find a way to make all electrical appliances comply with the BS7671 standard.

EICs, MEIWCs, and EICRs all satisfy the BS7671 requirements (although differently) It’s essential that you understand how each is used to make sure you’re in compliance prior to selling. 

What’s the difference between EICR as opposed to and EIC?

EICs along with MEIWCs (Electrical Installation Certificates and Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates) confirm that electrical work that is newly completed is safe when it is completed. They must be given by the time of the project’s completion. They can only be issued by a licensed electrician who completed the renovation. EICRs could be beneficial for you if you have to verify older electrical work prior to the time certifications were mandatory (pre-2005) or in the event that you’ve lost the copies of EICs you require.

Since 2013 when an installation was performed by an electrician who is not registered (and in turn, can’t legally confirm the security) the work is required to be reviewed and formally certified within five weeks by an authorized third party. After verifying the quality of the work the third party issues an EICR rather than the EIC or MEIWC.

What is the best way to obtain an EICR certificate?

Only you can get an EICR certificate if you are a licensed electrical contractor or certified by a third party. You can look up the entire UK NICEIC database as well as the Scottish SELECT database by yourself or utilize an internet-based search engine in order to locate the most qualified electrician within your region.

EICR certificate prices can vary depending on the region, the company you choose to use, and the fees they charge. Some providers charge a flat fee, while others cost based on the nature of work.

What is the length of time the EICR certificate valid?

EICR certificate have a validity of five years throughout the UK. If you’re planning to use an EICR for selling your house you’re not likely to find that your home will be for sale for all that for that long. But, you won’t have to be able to prove your property when you intend to sell it again within five years from the date of the first one or if you’ve never had extra electrical work done.

You’ll need to contact the local building authority and then recertify your property if you’ve:

Have you installed a new electrical circuit inside the home (regardless of the voltage?)

A fuse was added or replaced.

Changed or added to the circuit that is already in place in a particular location (such as bathrooms, wet rooms, and swimming pools). Check out the following websites for the building authorities of England as well as Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Do I require an EICR to market my house?

You don’t need the EICR in order to market your home however, some kind of proof showing that the property conforms to the BS7671 standard is required in the event that electrical works were done since.  Instead, homeowners may use duplicates of EICs and MEIWCs for any work that is relevant to the property.

Buyers who are familiar with EICRs could be interested in the more recent assessment of your home’s security. This could be an effective sales strategy for buyers who are concerned about safety and want peace of mind. EICs let them be.

Do I require an EICR to let my house?

All leases need an EICR when you wish to let your home. So long as your EICR is not more than five years old, it is valid. If it’s not, you’ll need to purchase another one.

Let the buyers spark not boilers:

Check that your home is electrically certified so that you can offer your home for sale easily. Get the correct documents ready prior to going to the sale and impress buyers with your history of secure home renovations. Find a licensed local electrician to complete any gaps in documentation and think about the ways an expert estate broker could assist with any other safety concerns prior to going to the market.

Check out local estate agents in just a few seconds:

Finding a knowledgeable estate agent to help you with the sale process can be a challenge. Even if you’ve bought it previously, selling is all in reverse. Input your details into our form below to review local agents within a few seconds. You can select between price, speed, and experience on one spot to determine the best available agent. Read more: property management companies london

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