Zero waste is sustainable, low-cost, socially responsible, and profitable

Zero waste is a term describing the practice of using resources in the least harmful and destructive ways possible. Zero waste is sustainable, low-cost, socially responsible, and profitable. Waste reduction leads to cost reductions. These cost savings can support further business growth.

Recycling has been shown to create more jobs than waste disposal. In 2007, “reuse and recycling generated over 4.18 million direct and indirect jobs and $21.53 billion in annual wages.” Zero waste is an economically smart decision for everyone.”

The average American throws away 5 pounds of garbage per day, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. While recycling, reuse, and green zero waste grocery energy all provide economic advantages, zero waste is more sustainable because it eliminates the waste completely. By eliminating trash, you save time and money. It helps you reduce your carbon footprint and saves the environment. By choosing a zero-waste lifestyle, you are helping to protect the planet. You are making a difference in the world.

If you want to cut your trash, you have to know what you are throwing away and where it ends up. According to the EPA, 40% of what we throw away is recyclable. The other 60% of what you throw away goes into the trash.

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