The Best  Front Bumper for Toyota 4runner Buyers Guide

It is safe to say that you are burnt out on every one of the dings, gouges, and dark scratches that your bumper gets both while driving and keeping in mind that stopped? This can be truly disappointing, most definitely. Regardless of how well you treat the remainder of your Toyota 4runner’s body, those little dings, imprints, and scratches truly detract from its looks. Indeed, there is something you can do to assist with forestalling dings, imprints, and scratches to your bumper. There are numerous decisions in various sorts of bumper watches accessible in the Toyota 4runner parts commercial center. The best bumper watchmen will truly assist with holding your Toyota 4runner’s bumpers back from getting unattractive dings, gouges, and scratches.

In this article, we will assist you with looking further into Toyota 4runner bumper watches. We will do that by letting you know what to search for in bumper monitors when looking for them. There will likewise be some educational bumper watch audits. At the point when you are finished perusing, you will have a smart thought regarding which Toyota 4runner bumper watchmen will turn out best for you.

Here are a few audits on what we feel are the best bumper for Toyota 4runner that you will find in the auto commercial center.

Best Toyota 4runner Bumper Reviews

1. Plate Pocket by Bumptek (Extreme Edition)

Plate Pocket by Bumptek (Extreme Edition)BumpTek has thought of an exceptionally simple to introduce and imaginative front bumper defender here. It helpfully attaches to where your tag holder will go. When introduced you simply slide the tag once more into an extraordinarily made pocket in its side. This bumper gatekeeper will secure your Toyota 4runner’s bumper while it is left or then again on the off chance that you marginally knock another Toyota 4runner while you are attempting to leave.

It’s made from malleable and thick elastic that stays delicate even in colder climate conditions. That piece of elastic offers 1 ¾” thick assurance for your front bumper. This bumper monitor is so extraordinary in the manner it works it even has a patent-forthcoming.


  • Extreme front bumper assurance
  • Patent forthcoming pocket plan
  • Serves as a tag holder
  • 13″ Width x 7″ Height x 1 3/4″ thick
  • All-climate tough elastic
  • Recessed mounting screws


  • It doesn’t secure the edges of the front bumper
  • Just accessible in dark

2. BumperX Premium Car Rear Bumper

BumperX Premium Car Rear BumperThis is an exceptionally decent back bumper watch that extends right across the rear of your Toyota 4runner. It estimates an entire 62″ long and 6″ in width. That is an exceptionally liberal measure of insurance for the dings, scratches, and scratches that frequently occur in parking garages. Not exclusively will it ensure your Toyota 4runner, however it looks great while doing it as well.

This bumper watch is made of extreme climate and UV beam-safe EPDM material. That is the very sort of tough elastic that ensures the rooftops on numerous business properties. This BumperX bumper monitor clings firmly to your Toyota 4runner yet it tends to be eliminated likewise on the off chance that you wish.


  • Side to side back bumper insurance
  • Satisfying great looks
  • Climate and UV beam safe EPDM elastic
  • 62″ Width x 6″ Height
  • Simple stick-on 3M lifetime grip (removable)
  • Recessed mounting screw


  • Won’t chip away at some Ford reduced Toyota 4runners
  • Not suggested for round style bumpers

3. BumpShox XL – Front Car Bumper Protection

BumpShox XL – Front Car Bumper ProtectionHere is another well known front tag style pumper defender. It makes a pleasant showing of securing your bumper because of its 2″ extra-thick, V-Tech all-climate froth material. This bumper defender will fit most any Toyota 4runner that is made. It even has a surface that is pleasantly ‘militarily finished to offer significantly more scratch, ding or scratch security when it comes into contact with an item or one more Toyota 4runner in a parking area.

It introduces squarely in a similar spot your old tag holder did. Then, at that point, you just reattach your tag again as well. It estimates 14″ in width and more than 8″ in stature. You will observe a couple of bumper monitors that secure also against low effect parking garage knocks.


  • Extra-thick front bumper insurance
  • Military finished surface
  • Tag holder style
  • 14″ Width x 8.5″ Height
  • V-Tech all-climate froth
  • All inclusive fit


  • Doesn’t give edge-to-edge front bumper security
  • Won’t deal with Volvo made Toyota 4runners

4. HitchHammer Super Duty Rear Hitch Mounted Bumper

HitchHammer Super Duty Rear Hitch Mounted BumperThis is an extremely exceptional yet amazing back bumper monitor. It really squeezes into the beneficiary part of a 2″ hitch arrangement like the hitch freight transporter. That keeps any Toyota 4runner that knocks you daintily in the back in a parking area far away from any space of your bumper it can harm. The super-obligation adaptable elastic it’s made of ingests and repulses the energy from a major knock.

It likewise includes a power outage log and covert, sandblast finished surface. That implies that it looks great and isn’t a blemish when connected to your Toyota 4runner. This 11 ½” wide bumper monitor likewise weighs 5.7-pounds and that offers some extra heavyweight insurance in itself.


  • Rough back bumper security
  • Fits in any 2″ recipient hitch arrangement
  • Covert, sandblast finished great looks
  • 11 1/2″ Width
  • Super-obligation adaptable elastic
  • Heavyweight assurance at 5.7 pounds


  • Won’t chip away at Toyota 4runners without a 2″ collector style hitch
  • Should be eliminated while towing with your Toyota 4runner

5. BumperBadger Retro Edition Rear Bumper

BumperBadger Retro Edition Rear BumperThis is the primary trunk-mounted back bumper monitor on our rundown. That makes it extremely helpful and simple to put this bumper watch on and take it off. It covers an immense region on the rear of any Toyota 4runner it’s set on. That is on the grounds that it estimates an extremely liberal 40″ crawls in width and 12″ in tallness.

The BumperBadger back bumper monitor isn’t made to be utilized while driving. It introduces effectively into the front of your Toyota 4runner’s trunk. After you have shown up at your objective you basically open your trunk and flip it into place. It’s made utilizing quality all-climate elastic with raised rib padding to ensure back knock sway zones.


  • Trunk mounted back bumper assurance
  • Triple join mounting lashes
  • Raised rib sway padding surface
  • 40″ Width x 12″ Height
  • Introduces without any problem
  • Quality climate safe elastic


  • Won’t chip away at Toyota 4runners without a trunk
  • Should be taken off when driving your Toyota 4runner

6. BumpTek RP-53 Stick on Rear Bumper Protection

BumpTek RP-53 Stick on Rear Bumper ProtectionHere is the second BumpTek item on our survey rundown of the best bumper watch items. That should enlighten you something concerning the idea and materials that go into their bumper monitor plans. This is one more stick on back bumper watch from them that has a particularly European style to it. BumpTek even idea to incorporate the surface cleaner to prepare the bumper prior to introducing it.

This bumper watch covers a great deal of your Toyota 4runner’s calculated back bumper sway zone. It estimates approximately 53″ and is just about 3″ in stature. It’s made utilizing all-climate elastic that doesn’t hurt your Toyota 4runner’s looks when it’s applied. The 3M glue assists it with remaining on solid however it very well may be eliminated with a bit of real effort in case you wish.


  • Stick-on back bumper insurance
  • Ensures calculated back bumper sway zone
  • Raised rib sway padding surface
  • 53″ width x 3″ stature x ½” thick
  • Solid grip
  • Incorporates 3M surface cleaner


  • Made for Toyota 4runners with point back bumpers
  • Hard to eliminate (yet should be possible)

Toyota 4runner Bumper Buying Guide

Here is the thing that we feel are the primary bumper monitor qualities you ought to think about when searching for another one.

The Top 12 Things to Consider When Buying a Jeep JT Bumper

Most bumper monitors just ensure specific bumper areas. These are generally the front bumpers, back bumpers and some ensure bumper corners as well. There are not very many that are widespread in fit and assuming they are it will likely be a more modest bumper monitor. Be certain you know about the bumper area that any bumper watch you are pondering purchasing targets. That way you can make certain to get the ding, imprint and scratch assurance you really want where you need it.

Sorts of Bumpers

There are a few distinct sorts of bumper monitors that are made. We can’t start to cover each and every sort here yet we will discuss how the most well known sorts are utilized and how they are introduced.


As the name says, these sorts of bumper monitors join to your bumper through an uncommon cement applied to the rear of them. Try not to stress since this isn’t normal regular cement and it’s super-solid by and large. With a little difficult work, these can be eliminated and cleaned when the opportunity arrives. They are explicitly intended for explicit kinds of bumpers and explicit spots on them.


These sorts of bumper watches take somewhat more work to make work for you however they are the most un-unattractive as well. That is on the grounds that once you mount them in your trunk they are possibly utilized when your Toyota 4runner is left. This means you physical need to flip them all through place each time you stop or prepare to drive once more. The best thing about them is they cover a more extensive space of your back bumper than most bumper watches do.

Tag style

These are most likely the least difficult bumper gatekeepers to introduce. They additionally can be taken off effectively when the opportunity arrives as well. That is on the grounds that they basically mount into your Toyota 4runner’s current tag outline mount. Whenever they are introduced, there is a right on targeting them to reinstall your tag as well. They are normally the thickest type of front bumper assurance you can purchase.


These are uncommon however, exceptionally compelling back bumper monitors. That is on the grounds that they have any potential effect zone a long way from your back bumper. They must be introduced on Toyota 4runners, trucks or SUVs that have a previous beneficiary hitch arrangement. The decent thing about hitch mounted bumper

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