Introduction of IGNOU and its courses

IGNOU is one of the most prestigious Universities in India. It is A++ University as recognized by NAAC and the best part is that it is an Open University as suggested by its name (Indira Gandhi National Open University) which was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 (Act No. 50 of1985). It offers various programs as correspondence which students can study at home and through various contact centres. Certain courses are offered are regular courses too like MCA which require students to actively attend the regular classes. IGNOU offers various other programs like Doctorate Degree course. It also offers various Masters’s level courses like M.Phil. M.Com, MA, MBA and MCA. It also offers various Undergraduate courses like BBA, B.A., B. Com. IGNOU also offers various Diplomas and Certificate courses.

IGNOU MBA HR Eligibility, Fee and Duration

IGNOU offers Management programme as a part of various Master’s Degree courses.

Duration: 2 years min and 4 years maximum.

Eligibility criteria For MBA HR:  The eligibility criteria for admission to MBA HR programme would be:

  • Student must have obtained 50% on passing Bachelor Degree (3 years duration) which becomes 45% for reserved category candidates.
  • No age constraints

Course Fees:

The course fee is Rs 15500/- Per Semester and for total 4 semesters, it is Rs 62000/-

IGNOU MBA HR Course Guide

The MBA course consists of 28 courses which has the total credits weightage as 116 credits.

This includes:

  • Twenty (20) Core courses (from MMPC-001 to MMPC-020) needs to be covered which contains 4 Credit each, which is the total of 80 Credits.
  • Seven (07) Courses can be chosen from any one of the selected specialization area which contains 4 Credit each, which is the total of 28 Credits.
  • One (01) Project course MMPP-001 consists of 8 credits as the MMPP-001 (Project Course) is equivalent to two courses and the fee is also taken for 2 courses. However MMPP-001 (Project Course) is definitely one course.
  • Students should have selected 7 courses in each of the semesters during the programmes. 

The 07 specialization courses which are offered for Human Resource Management are:

  • MMPH-001 by the name of Organizational Theory and Design
  • MMPH-002 by the name of Human Resource Development
  • MMPH-004 by the name of Industrial and Employment Relations
  • MMPH-007 by the name of Compensation and Rewards Management
  • MMPH-005 by the name of  Organisational Development and Change
  • MMPH-006 by the name of Organisational Dynamics
  • MMPH – 009 by the name of International Human Resource Management

Exit Certification

A student can get her/his MBA degree in his chosen specialization once s/he completes all the specified 28 courses. However, after the completion of first 2 semesters with a total of 56 credits, student can get Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDIM) and is allowed to exit the course.

Evaluation of Course

The evaluation of course is based on 2 essential components:

  • Assignments evaluation:

This component carries a weightage of 30%. There will be one graded assignment per course. The assignment has to be submitted to the Co-ordinator of the assigned or attached learner support Centre. Students are required to complete the semester allocated assignments. 2 Assignments are required for each course which is evaluated as best of 2 assignments.

  • Term End Examination (TEE):

This has a weightage of 70%. Each year in the months of June and December, Term End Examinations will be held. For Term-End Examination, student needs to be registered and submit assignment for the course and pay exam fees. The letter grades which are provided are:

  • A = Excellent
  • B = Very Good
  • C = Good
  • D = Satisfactory
  • E = Unsatisfactory

Now for qualifying a course, a student must obtain at least ‘C’ Grade in both continuous and term-end examinations and also the combined average grade should be at least ‘C’ grade.

The current system of converting the overall letter grades to percentage equivalents is as mentioned below:

  •  A = 80% and Above
  • B = 60% to 79.9%
  • C = 50% to 59.9%
  • D = 40% to 49.9%
  • E = Below 40%.

MBA HR Project Course

For the Project course, the evaluation is based on the student-submitted project report. A letter grade system is used in this program. This course carries 8 credits and is equivalent to 2 courses. Dealing with the project course becomes difficult, as submission of the Synopsis and Thesis is quite time-consuming and requires hard work. The project report is based on research and data and tools of evaluation. Often the project gets rejected due to various reasons:

  • Duplicate or similar projects
  • Incorrect synopsis submitted
  • Synopsis does not contain the summary, conclusion, student details, method of evaluation, references etc.
  • Thesis is not based on correct data, analysis is not correct, tools are not used, min words are not complete, data is manipulated, the project has missed its deadline etc.
  • Without the project, degree is not awarded and student stays at PG dip stage and often leaves the management program.

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