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How to write better quality assignments?

Whenever the new semester kicks in, the weight these assignments carry makes us flummoxed easily. Some people believe they lack the ability to write creatively, but what if I tell you that are not the case; you too can write amazingly with the help of some quick tips only if you have the flair for writing. Yes, with some good tips you can make your assignments and writing style unique.

1.      Understand your Topic and choose a suitable headline

First of all, you need to understand what your Topic is conveying and accordingly choose a catchy headline, which will help you develop an interesting and informative assignment. And if you have the freedom to choose your topic by yourself, select the topic that interests you; and if not, then you need to start researching your topic carefully.

2.      Research Your Topic and jot down the information

This is the most important task in writing assignments as it holds more than 70% marks. Take help from the Google, books, your notes and your seniors. You can also take help from the experts like your professor, librarian or anyone you know. Basically, use all available source of information.

After researching, make sure to jot down the information you’ve collected in the form of short lines or points as they occur. They help a lot in the writing process as our brain tends to forget things and ideas when needed.

3.      Know the body structure and tone of your assignment

There is basically a universal way to write your assignments even if the tone is conversational or informational, it should have an introduction at first and then you add the whole paragraph section-wise, and adding conclusion at the end. It would help if you made the introduction attractive and interesting by defining the purpose of it and by keeping the word count in control.

4.      Plagiarism free content

For the success of your write-ups, make sure your writing is plagiarism free. It’s a serious offence or cheating at university or your work place to use somebody else’s words or ideas without attribution. You can take reference for your own use and to feed your mind but you’re not allowed to use it. There are many apps and sites that check your plagiarism score like grammarly, seo tools, quetext, plagiarism detector and many more.

5.      Allow time to revise and edit

After the completion of your assignment, always allow yourself to re-revise your content and make edits if needed. That way your assignments can be error free.

6.      Get Feedback

Solve Zone provides  Nmims Solved assignment writing services to upGrad students enrolled in their various online courses. The specific requirement for submitting internal assignments for students differs depending on the particular courses. We provide assignment writing services as per the format required by awarding universities.

How to score well on the NMIMS assignment?

Internal assignment to be completed and submitted by the student constitutes 30% of the total course requirement. If you are able to score well in internal assignments, your overall score will improve greatly. However, many students are unable to score good marks due to various reasons.

Lack of thorough understanding of the subject matter

NMIMS expects its graduating students to have a good understanding of the subject matter. The question will be structured in such a way that if the student hasn’t studied the subject matter in detail, he will not be able to answer them satisfactorily. Students must answer exactly what is asked as per the instruction given. Any deviation from the given instruction will result in the student losing important marks, and possibly even failing the assignment.

We have 15 years of experience in assisting students in not only completing the assignment but getting a good score as well.

Lack of proficiency in written English

Many students may have a good understanding of the subject matter but are still unable to get a good score due to a lack of sufficient command of the English language. With our assistance in completing the assignment, these students may get the score they deserve except for a lack of proficiency in written English.

Lack of knowledge of formats for assignment writing

Academic writing such as internal assignments, project reports, synopsis, thesis, etc. all has its own specific format.  There are various specific formatting requirements regarding page margin, font size, spacing, etc. as well as specific guidelines of universities that must be strictly adhered to. Students are often unaware of these requirements and are unable to complete their assignments as per the guidelines.  In order to get a good score, students must complete their assignments as per these guidelines.

We are familiar with the requirements of various formats and we keep ourselves regularly updated on any specific university guidelines. With our assistance, the student can rest assured that all the specific requirements of the assignment are being met.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the solution be acceptable to my university?

Yes. We make sure that each of our content is unique and free from plagiarism. No copy-pasting from us. Not only will our solutions be acceptable to your university but you will achieve good scores as well.

Nmims assignment copy case

Assignments submitted by students often get rejected and get flagged as ‘copied’, thereby failing in the assignment.

This may happen for a number of reasons: students may just copy and paste the material they find on the internet instead of just using them as a reference source; students may copy each other’s assignment and present it as their own; students may use the same paraphrasing software to paraphrase material from the same source.

 It should be noted that an assignment may be flagged as ‘copied’ or ‘plagiarized’ even when only some part of it has been copied. Some examiners are very strict and even an assignment with as less as 20% plagiarized content may be rejected.

Will I be able to afford it?

We have a very flexible pricing policy. Depending on the difficulty of the task and the amount of effort required, we offer various discounts. Whatever your budget, we are sure we will be able to find you the right discounts so that you can remain within your budget. We advise that you contact us as early as possible rather than one day before the deadline. You can contact our marketing team anytime and ask about the price.

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