Everything About iTools For iOS 11

Today, many technological people in the world are using diversified iOS devices as a trend. Over time, Apple company reached its goal with the giant release of iOS 11. But if you don’t manage your iOS properly, your expectation of the upgrade is worthless. So we introduce iTools for iOS 11, especially for iOS users. Also known as this tool alternative to iTunes and this is the best managing software for iOS devices. I’m a big fan and user of this iDevice model. So this is the time to share my experience with this tool for iOS users. 

A collection of details about the tool 

Firstly, the version of iOS 11 was released by Apple company on 19 September 2017. It managed to create a giant revolution among iOS fans. So what is this amazing tool? iTools is the best iOS management application which is an alternative to iTunes to manage your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. iTools for iOS 11 is a perfect invention released by the developers of the “ThinkSky” team. This amazing tool helps you to complete several tasks at the same time such as transferring data and managing content.

iOS handlers can easily install this amazing data transfer tool on both Windows computers/ Mac. It can help users back up and transfer contacts, apps, photos, music, videos, books, files, documents, etc. People have embraced this program with lovely. 

Why iTools for iOS 11 important for you? 

This is one of the best iOS managing software that can be used to manage and transfer stored media content. This tool provides many things that cannot be obtained from iTunes and works as a perfect alternative. When compared to iTunes, this tool maintains high-speed data transfer and is less time-consuming. The latest version was released as iTools 4 and the majority of iOS users are familiar with this latest version. 

More facts 

The most highlighted thing is that this application is a kind of free software that all can download easily. And comes with a very user-friendly and clear interface. So iTools for iOS 11 earned a name as the easiest iOS management tool for iOS handlers. With this tool, you can experience the fastest data transfer and efficient management. So if you are an iOS fan, this is the time to get this amazing app.

Why iTools is the best alternative for iTunes? 

As I mentioned below, iTools iOS 11 is the best and perfect iOS management tool that you can choose. This smart program has several improvements and special features more than iTunes, that you can manage your iOS device easily, simply, and in a better manner. This tool is a simple and lightweight application that needs fewer power resources to manage iDevices. But iTunes needs more power and other resources even for a simple task.

iTunes comes as a feature only for your Apple devices. But this tool comes for both Windows and Mac devices. iTunes is an old style of iOS management software that is coming for iOS devices. But now we have the best iTools for iOS 11 to get the best performance on iOS devices. 

Compatible devices 

Literally, iTools iOS free download shows better compatibility with a wide range of iOS devices. 

  • 6th Generation iPod touch
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • iPad 5th Generation
  • iPad mini 2,3, and 4
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone SE

System requirements of iTools for iOS 11

  • Windows – Windows XP up to Windows 11 including Windows Vista ( compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit-)
  • RAM – minimum 256 MB
  • CPU – 750 MHz AMD, Intel
  • Disk space- at least 40 MB
  • Mac OS x 10.7 or a higher version
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 50 MB of storage space

Supported tools include this tool 

With this iTools download for iOS 11, you can experience more features with tiny apps. 

  1. Smart backup or restore features

It helps to create complete data backups more easily than usual with iTunes with this tool. You can restore the created backup and it will be safe. 

  1. Air player

Air player to suggest easy methods to browse the web, play games, view/edit various types of documents, watch videos, preview images, and even share the iDevice screen with friends

  1. Image tool

You can share your images between devices and connect with a couple of devices at the same time

  1. Battery master

Get a complete report about the device’s battery conditions with this Battery master, 

  1. Data migration

With this, you can share your old device’s data with a new one

  1. Ringtone maker

This can create your ringtones even with your recordings as original mobile ringtones. 

  1. File manager

This tool supports the user to manage all files and folders on the iDevices. It helps you to organize them in an orderly manner

  1. Icon arranger

It helps you to arrange icons on your home screen orderly and set a tidy screen. 

  1. Simulate location feature

This tool’s virtual location allows you to unlimited the location from your GPS data. 

How to download this trendy app?

Let’s see the step guide to get iTools iOS 11 download for free.

Step Guide

  1. Prepare your Windows or Mac device
  2. Search the web for the latest version
  3. Download the free package 
  4. Go to the Download package and set up it by applying changes to the device hardware
  5. The icon of iTools will arrange on your desktop 

Wrapping up the article

Finally, we can say iTools for iOS 11 is the greatest application making the management process secure and fast without any hassle. It never harms your data resources while the data transferring process. Considering these facts, we can expect this tool to have a lot of positive feedback among iOS users. It is specially designed for all iOS phone models/ iPod, and iPod touch devices. So if you are a user of an iOS device, this is the time to enjoy the best and most free iOS management ever. 

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