Bape Shorts – How to Know if They’re Real or Fake

Are you considering buying a pair of Bape Shorts but don’t know how to tell if they’re real or fake? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the key things to look out for to ensure that you’re getting a genuine pair of Bape Shorts. From the logo to the stitching, we’ll show you exactly what to look for to make sure your Bape Shorts are the real deal.

Check the Fabric

When it comes to authenticating Bape Shorts, the fabric is key. Authentic Bape Shorts use a heavy-duty cotton that is durable and comfortable. It should also have a slightly rough texture and feel heavy. If the material is too light or thin, chances are you’ve got a fake. Fake Bape Shorts are often made with cheaper materials like polyester, which don’t hold up as well over time. Make sure to check for inconsistencies in the material, like holes or random threads sticking out, which are also a sign of a counterfeit product. For the best quality and authenticity, visit for your official Bape Shorts.

Check the Stitching

When you’re trying to determine whether or not your Bape shorts are real, one of the most important things to look for is the stitching. Generally speaking, real Bape shorts have well-crafted and uniform stitching. The stitches should be even and should be neatly placed. Furthermore, the thread should also be of a high quality. Make sure that you check all parts of the shorts including the pockets and seams. To get an idea of what real Bape stitching looks like, it may be a good idea to visit and compare their products to your own.

Check for a Hologram

Authentic Bape shorts will feature a small hologram on the front or back of the shorts. The hologram should be located either to the right or left side of the waistband and is a small, colored square with the Bape logo and text inside of it. If you don’t see a hologram on your Bape shorts, chances are it’s not real. Also, be aware that some counterfeiters are known to create fake holograms for their fakes, so be sure to double-check for authenticity at before making your purchase.

Check the Wash Tag

When it comes to authenticating Bape shorts, one of the most important factors to consider is the wash tag. The wash tag should be clear and free of any spelling errors. It should include the Bape logo as well as a unique serial number, which can be used to verify authenticity. The wash tag should also be securely attached to the shorts, with no loose threads or fraying. If the wash tag looks like it has been tampered with or is otherwise questionable, then it’s likely that the shorts are not authentic.

 Additionally, take note of the fabric material; genuine Bape shorts will be made out of thick cotton and should feel sturdy in your hands. Also, look for double stitching along the seams of the shorts; real Bape shorts will have an extra layer of stitching along all seams for added strength. Additionally, make sure to check for the signature Bape Ape head logo; this logo should be printed or embroidered on the side of the shorts in vivid colors. Lastly, look for labels inside the waistband; real Bape shorts will have labels sewn in that state “Made in Japan” or “Produced by A Bathing Ape”. Taking all these details into account will help you determine if your Bape shorts are real or fake.

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