Begunkodar Railway Station Ghost Story West Bengal

In today’s world, many people are afraid of ghosts, and still many stories about ghosts in the village are exciting. But nowadays the youth and girls of the city feel this rumor. So today I am going to talk about the scariest haunted railway station in India. Among the most dangerous ghost stations in the world, there are 10 surviving stations in India, and Begunkodar Railway Station is one of them. In this article, we will discuss Begunkodar railway station which is known as the most dangerous ghost station in India. So let’s know about it.

History of Begun Kodar Railway Station

Begunkodar railway station is located in Begunkodar village in the Purulia district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Begun Kodar railway station was established in the year 1960 through the joint efforts of Santal Queen, Lachan Kumari, and Indian Railways. Begun Kudar Railway Station is a ghost railway station of the Ranchi Railway Division of the South Eastern Railway Zone of Indian Railways. The station serves the area near Begunkodar and Zalda town in the Purulia district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Begun Kudar railway station has been included in the top 10 most dangerous haunted stations in India. Also, know about Kotappakonda Sri Trikoteswara Swami Temple located in Andhra Pradesh.

Why Begunkodar Railway Station is Known As a Ghost Station?

According to Begankador local residents, in 1967 a railway employee serving in the Indian Railways saw the ghost of a woman at Begunkodar Railway Station. And the ghost of this woman came between the train tracks so that the employee suddenly fainted and died. These rumors spread throughout the state of West Bengal. The next day people came to know about this and ignored it. At the time, a seemingly first-hand account of the incident was published, along with details of what actually happened.

According to the villagers of Begankador, a real case happened in 1967. When the dead bodies of the station master and his family were found in their quarters, all trains coming to Begankador were stopped due to this extraordinary incident. So this station was closed after 1967.

Due to the growing distress of Begun Kodar village and neighboring villages, the people there demanded the opening of the Begun Kudar railway station. In the late 1990s, a committee was formed by the residents of Begunkodar village and the Sarpanch and asked to reopen the Begun Kodar railway station. In 2007, Mamata Banerjee and CPIM leader Basudev Acharya hailed from Purulia and was then a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railways. So Begunkodar railway station was re-opened by former railway minister Mamata Banerjee.

Begunkodar Railway Station Unknown Facts

It is said that Begunkodar railway station was closed because of a woman. Many innocent people died because of this one woman. However, Begun Kudar railway station remained closed for 42 years until 2009 when Mamata Banerjee reopened it during her tenure as Railway Minister. It was believed that no one could stay at this station after 5 pm every day. This horror has also created a thriving ‘ghost tourism’ among the urban youth who dare to spend the night at the railway station.

Begunkodar Railway Station Story
Begunkodar Railway Station

Our team stayed at Begunkodar railway station from 11 pm on Monday to early morning on Tuesday. But our cameras or compasses recorded no signs of paranormal activity. However, around 2 am, we heard strange female cries from behind a building at Begun Kudar railway station. When we turned the torchlight in that direction, we saw a group of many brides sitting behind the tree and making noise. We gave chase but could not catch them. We suspect that this group of locals may be behind robbing youngsters who were lured by the ‘ghost tourism’ venture. Because as many people as fate behind this group have been robbed and killed. So local people say that Begun Kudar railway station is haunted and many people believe that this group robs.

FAQs for Begunkodar Haunted Railway Station

Q. In which year Begunkodar Bhutia Railway Station was established?

In 1960, Begun Kodar Station was founded by Santalo queen Lachan Kumari and the Indian Railways.

Q. Which train passes through Begun Kudar Ghost Railway Station?

There are several trains that arrive at Begun Kodar Railway Station, including 53335 DHN RNC PASSENGER, 53336 RNC DHN PASSENGER, 56164 RNC GBA PASSENGER, and 53337 GBA RNC PASSENGER.

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