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Friends, today in this article we will talk about the Chandigarh University MMS video of girls taking baths in the girls’ hostel of Chandigarh University which has gone viral. However, playing with the feelings of any girl is still a legal offense in our country of India. Even today in the country of India, if a girl commits even a small mistake, then the respect of the girl’s family and face in society is not worth seeing.

How a Video Went Viral at Chandigarh University?

3 boys were arrested in Chandigarh University video viral case. One of them lived in Shimla and was studying at Chandigarh University. And two boys lived in Punjab and were studying at Chandigarh University. When the Punjab Police caught the students, the students told that the girl herself used to make MMS videos of them and send them. And the Chancellor of Chandigarh University had himself told that the girls themselves were making videos and sending them to their friends. But the girls say that the boys secretly made the video and made it viral on social media. read more about Begunkodar Railway Station Ghost Story.

8 girls tried to commit suicide after this video went viral at Chandigarh University. Many news channels have given information about it. But these 8 students were saved from committing suicide. Because it is a serious issue and it is a question of honor of the family that this happened to the girls studying in the school. These girls were in a lot of depression so their friends raised slogans of We Want Justice at Chandigarh University. After this incident, friends of the girls went on a hunger strike and agitation. So within 2 days of the video going viral, the culprit was quickly caught by the Punjab Police and legal action was taken against him. Moreover, if you are looking for a temple in Andhra Pradesh then you can visit the Kotappakonda Sri Trikoteswara Swami Temple.

The Fact of Chandigarh University Viral Video

The news of the suicide of these 8 girls by many news channels is completely wrong. This is an attempt to spread a rumor that these girls did not attempt suicide. And he was not even admitted to any hospital. SSP Soni said that the news of the viral video at Chandigarh University is completely false. No video has gone viral on social media and other accounts but the suspected girl sent all the private videos of the girl to her boyfriend who lives in Shimla.

How to Download Viral Video at Chandigarh University?

First of all, open your internet browser on your mobile. Next type the Chandigarh University viral video link in the search box. Now search the the website and again type Chandigarh University Viral Video in the search box. Click on the article to know what really happened and read the entire article. Next, scroll down the article and click on the download button. Now, wait a few seconds and Chandigarh University viral video will be downloaded to your device.


There is no video viral link in this article. Only the download button is given and the information about the viral video in Chandigarh University is given. The purpose of this article is to give true understanding to my elders, brothers, and sisters of India. Let me say again that the viral video at Chandigarh University is a rumor. My humble request to the youth of India is that if you cannot do good to someone, do not do bad at all. Because the consent of the parents and children whose video has gone viral is at stake.

Chandigarh University Viral Video Download Link

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