Movie time mean popcorn time

No matter if you are watching your favorite movie for the 100th time or you are enjoying a movie night with your friends, either way, popcorn is your best friend. The delicious aromatic popcorn will make your favorite movies a much better experience. There are so many different types of popcorn available on the market these days and to package those delicious flavors of popcorn, there are those many popcorn boxes.

It doesn’t matter if you have a big commercial popcorn company or if you have a small vending stall, either way, you will need unique packaging to attract new consumers every now and then. Popcorn boxes are meant to meet certain quality standards since most of the time if you buy them at the mall you roam around with them. Popcorn boxes need to be a little sturdy so that the popcorn doesn’t fall out. Normally boxes have a thin plastic lining on them to ensure that the oil residue of the popcorn doesn’t seem to leak out.

Speaking of the boxes, as manufacturers, it is mostly a hassle to keep up with the designing of the custom popcorn boxes, it is so much you can do with plain boxes. One thing that really seems to catch the attention of many walk-in consumers is printing. Printed popcorn boxes became an internet sensation in the last few years and as this culture continues to grow, there will be plenty of ideas that you will be looking at.

Crunchy business talk

If you are initiating a new popcorn business, there will be a lot of things you will have to consider. One of the most important factors to consider is the packaging of boxes. Since packaging is always the first things that a consumer sees, it’s pretty important to make your packaging as appealing as possible.

Here are some ideas on how you can make your popcorn boxes customizations better:

Don’t forget the finishing touch

If you are resorting to custom printed popcorn boxes, it’s a great way to go. They are unique and you can easily experiment with your brilliant ideas. Since the boxes are pretty unique and appealing you can further add a last finishing touch to them by adding a little shiny lace or ribbon across the box, it will be something new.

Premium popcorn boxes for premiers

For premium premiers there are premium printed popcorn boxes, these boxes are made of expensive materials and often they can be used again. Most of the time premium boxes are made with corrugated cardboard material making them perfect and the printing makes them unique. Since it’s all about the class here, the boxes have a dark tone to them and are always made as per a theme.

The appearance of the boxes

No matter the type of business you have, packaging plays a lead role in any business or any sort, so since we are dealing with popcorn boxes it a must to think about the packaging. Generically, the typical packaging of popcorn boxes is red and white, what a classic! But there is just so much you can do with your boxes, for example, you have all the freedom to change the color or the size of the box.

Speaking of the matter you can also add a little glam to your custom designed popcorn boxes; you can add glitter or dazzling stones if you are hosting a party. These little customizations work great with any event you are going to host.

Where can you buy the best popcorn boxes?

Buying in bulks

If you are going to be hosting a function on an event, you will need more than a couple of boxes so you can buy in bulks, in order words wholesale purchase. It is also a great idea if you are beginning a new business, as wholesale popcorn boxes will cost you a lot less you can save yourself a fortune here.

There are plenty of wholesalers to choose from; since you will need a lot of boxes it is ideal to make a couple of templates when it comes to wholesale popcorn boxes or you can stick with the readymade options that are available with the wholesaler. You can also create a couple of copies of wholesale printed packaging and revolve it all year along accordingly. Wholesale boxes are pretty easy to customize and alter since they are made as per your order so feel free and benefit from this.

Online shopping goodies

These days we can buy popcorn online so it is safe to say that you can buy popcorn boxes online, there are plenty of websites that specifically deal with packaging and boxes. When you are purchasing boxes online, never forget to benefit from all the customizations that are being offered to you. Since so many customizations are being offered to you by the website, feel free to maximize your creativity level and design your very own customized popcorn boxes from scratch. If you desire, you may change the color, the shape, the size and whatever you feel needs to be changed or altered.

A great way to take customization in your hands will be through printing, this sounds very simple but there is so much you can do with printing. You can print patterns, logos, stickers and so many other things on your popcorn boxes.

You can look for a well-trusted website on the internet, beware the internet is full of scams.


You will find a lot of options regarding popcorn boxes on the market these days and in order to make yours stand out, you will always have to take packaging into consideration.

Always stay unique and classy, enjoy your popcorn!

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