Trendy Bohemian Decor Ideas For Your Home

There are so many interior styles you can follow for your house. There are styles such as mid Century, contemporary, industrial, boho, modern style and so many more. All these styles can be identified in very specific ways. The design language and colors are different for every style. Industrial style is where you have raw designs where not all wires or parts are hidden. This is generally called naked design. These things are very specific to styles. Mid Century Modern style has straight clean lines. You will find most of your decor following a certain style. So before you start decorating, look at all the styles and then choose your furniture and decor. 

In the case of the Bohemian style, all your decor pieces are quite unique. They were introduced by artists and travelers from around the world. They wanted a style which depicted their art and their way of living. Basically this style is very easy to follow and implicate it to your house. All you need to understand is how they are styled. The designs and styles are carefree and fun making this style very popular. 

Let us start by choosing one space at a time and working our way along with it. These inspirations will leave your house looking fun, cheerful and warm.

Living Room 

Living room is the first room which will scream your style. Hence this is the first place we need to perfect in terms of the style. So to get it right we need to look at – 


  • Your furniture will be the largest element which will showcase your style. So we need to get the furniture which says boho. 

A unique or Handcrafted sofa with printed upholstery is a start. Pair that up with a one of a kind coffee table. Make sure it looks artistic as well as super comfy.


  • The artists wanted to showcase their character and personality using this style. The best way to do this is using rugs to create textures and layers. This will make your living room look cozy.

Bold colors and patterns are the preferred choices for this style. Fluffy rugs could be the perfect addition. 


  •  Add a little life to the place by placing a few plants here and there. They would bring in freshness and color to the place. 

Any plants would look good in the living room. To add more character, use hand printed pots. 


  • Boho style is all about mixing and matching. Add alternate seating options to your living room. Sofas and chairs are mainstream. To complement them add some accent seatings.

Cushions, beanbags, hanging chair are a few examples of alternate seatings


The bedroom should replicate the style with a lot of comfort. Getting the style and comfort right is easy in Bohemian style. For this we will keep in mind small details such as – 


  • Patterns say a lot about the style you choose. This style is all about experimenting. So use different combinations of patterns and colors. Try out different fabrics with different textures as well.


  • As Bohemian style is all about expressing, you could hang or display things which are special to you. 

You could choose pictures, awards or even gifts. Either keep them on a shelf or you could just hang them on your bedroom wall.

Canopy furniture

  • Furniture does speak a lot about a style. Canopies are an obvious element in this style. They are cozy and romantic. 

Use arcs and canopy style bed frames. Hang some lights and you are good to go.


You cannot decorate the entire house and leave out your bathroom. They are also important and are ideal to decorate as well. Adding a little decor and accessories would elevate your bathroom style as well. Bohemian style bathroom have elements like- 

Natural materials

  • A nice natural look is perfect for a boho style bathroom. Add in little wood, plants and terracotta. These elements work perfectly for this style. 

Woven baskets, wooden towel handles, some wooden stands for your plants and other essentials are a few inspirations. 

Patterned tiles

  • This style is definitely not subtle. It’s a little loud and is definitely bold. Use these characters everywhere.  

Bold and attractive tiles in your bathroom are very creative. You could combine different colors and patterns.You could also opt for some creative artwork with these patterned tiles to highlight a particular wall.

Textures and plants

  • Textures and plants are very important in every style. When it comes to Bohemian style, these are like the integral part. This style would have no effect.

Using patterned rugs on the floor or bold colored towels is a good start. Make sure they are suitable for bathroom use.


Kitchen is most often neglected while styling and decorating. As most of the styles could be a little impractical for the kitchen. Whereas in Bohemian style it is very easy to style your kitchen as well. All you need to remember is – 

Runner rug

  • A runner rug would be perfect if you wish to highlight a certain path in your kitchen. To make it Bohemian style choose a rug with some patterns or motifs. A bright colored rug would also do the work. To avoid accidents, make sure the rug is antj slip.


  • Lanterns are the perfect touch to your kitchen. They would add the perfect ambience required. It would also provide sufficient lighting to your space.

Place them on your kitchen platform or on your dining table. They would behave as statement pieces. Any wooden lantern would blend in well.

Rustic elements

  • The final touch would be to add some rustic elements. Bar chairs, plants, lights would combine the entire space together. 

Adding in bits giving out the rustic vibe would look amazing. Place it around your kitchen and let it do the trick.

All these decor ideas would make sure your home is Bohemian style. Remember this style is about showcasing your talent and expressing yourself. So dont forget to add elements which represent you.

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