Why BS7858 Staff Vetting is Essential for Security Companies


In today’s world, security is of utmost importance. Especially in high-security environments such as airports, government buildings, and other sensitive locations. As a result, security companies have a critical role to play in maintaining safety and security in these environments.  

Thus, one of the essential aspects of security companies is the vetting of staff. The British Standard BS7858 provides a framework for conducting comprehensive staff vetting checks. In this article, we will discuss why staff vetting is essential for security companies. 

What is BS7858? 

BS7858 is a standard that sets out the requirements for the security screening of individuals employed in a security environment. It provides a framework for conducting security screening checks, which includes verifying an individual’s identity, employment history, and criminal record.  

Moreover, the standard also outlines the procedures for evaluating the results of these checks and deciding on the suitability of the individual for their role. 

Why is Staff Vetting Needed? 

For security companies, BS7858 is essential for several reasons:  

  • Firstly, it helps to ensure that the company’s staff members are trustworthy and reliable. In high-security environments, trust is critical, and security companies must ensure that their staff members do not pose a security risk. Furthermore, conducting comprehensive security screening checks as outlined in BS7858 provides a reliable means of verifying an individual’s background and determining their suitability for their role. 
  • Secondly, staff vetting helps to protect the reputation of the security company. In today’s world, a security breach can have severe consequences, including damage to the company’s reputation, loss of customers, and potential legal action. Additionally, by conducting comprehensive security screening checks on their staff members, security companies can mitigate the risk of a security breach and protect their reputations. 
  • Thirdly, staff vetting is essential for compliance with industry regulations and standards. Many security companies are subject to regulatory requirements and industry standards that mandate the conduct of comprehensive security screening checks. Furthermore, by implementing the standard, security companies can ensure that they are meeting these requirements and standards, which can help them to avoid penalties and legal action. 
  • Moreover, BS7858 staff vetting is essential for maintaining the trust of customers and stakeholders. In high-security environments, customers and stakeholders rely on security companies to ensure their safety and security. Thus, by conducting comprehensive security screening checks on their staff members, security companies can demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy workforce, which can help to build and maintain trust with customers and stakeholders. 

Outlines Bs7858

BS7858 is a British Standard that provides a framework for the security screening of personnel who require access to sensitive or secure information, assets, or environments. The purpose of BS7858 is to help organizations establish and maintain a consistent and robust screening process that can identify and mitigate potential risks posed by employees, contractors, and other third-party personnel.

The standard outlines the minimum requirements for conducting background checks, including identity verification, employment history, financial history, criminal records, and other relevant information. The screening process should be carried out in a thorough and systematic manner, with clear procedures and guidelines in place to ensure compliance with the standard.

BS7858 is an important standard that helps organizations ensure the security and integrity of their operations by providing a framework for screening personnel who require access to sensitive or secure information, assets, or environments. By following the standard, organizations can minimize the risk of security breaches and protect themselves from potential threats posed by individuals who may have malicious intentions.

Implementing BS7858 

Implementing BS7858 requires a systematic and structured approach to staff vetting. The standard outlines the requirements for conducting security screening checks, which include verifying an individual’s identity, checking their employment history, and conducting criminal record checks. Also, the standard outlines the procedures for evaluating the results of these checks and deciding on the suitability of the individual for their role. 

To implement the standard, security companies must develop policies and procedures that reflect the requirements of the standard and establish a clear process for conducting security screening checks. They must also identify the roles and positions that require security screening and assess the level of risk associated with these roles. 

Conducting security screening checks requires careful planning and coordination. Security companies must ensure that they have access to the necessary information and resources to conduct comprehensive security screening checks. They must also ensure that staff involved in conducting security screening checks are trained and understand the requirements of the standard. 

Benefits of BS7858 

BS7858 staff vetting is a comprehensive process that involves screening and vetting employees. It ensures that they are reliable, trustworthy, and qualified for the job. One of the key benefits of using this standard is enhanced security. Organizations can be confident that their staff members can be trusted with sensitive information and assets. This, in turn, creates a more secure environment for the organization and its clients. 

In addition, vetting helps reduce the risk of hiring unsuitable individuals who could pose a threat to the organization. Thus, by conducting thorough background checks, organizations can identify any potential red flags in a candidate’s history. This can help prevent potential problems down the line and reduce the risk of fraud, theft, or other criminal activities. 

Another benefit of BS7858 staff vetting is compliance. Many industries are required by law to conduct background checks on their employees. By following this standard, organizations can ensure that they meet these compliance requirements and avoid any legal issues or penalties. 

BS7858 staff vetting can also help improve an organization’s reputation and brand image. By ensuring that their staff members are qualified, organizations can build a reputation as professional service providers. This can lead to increased customer trust and loyalty, which can ultimately drive business growth. 

Furthermore, by hiring the right people, organizations can improve employee retention rates and reduce turnover. This can save organizations money on recruitment and training costs, as well as boost productivity and morale. 

Screening also helps organizations make better-informed hiring decisions. By providing comprehensive information on potential employees, organizations can assess whether a candidate aligns with their values and culture. 

Finally, BS7858 can help organizations save money in the long run. By reducing the risk of criminal activities, organizations avoid financial losses and damage to their reputation. 

Compliance with the Standard 

In addition to implementing BS7858, security companies must also maintain ongoing compliance with the standard. This requires conducting regular reviews of their security screening policies and procedures, keeping up to date with changes to the standard, monitoring compliance, conducting regular audits, and addressing instances of non-compliance promptly. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, BS7858 staff vetting is an essential process for security companies. It ensures that they hire reliable and trustworthy individuals who can deal with sensitive information and assets. By following this standard, security companies can create a safe and secure environment for their clients, reduce the risk of fraud and theft, and enhance their reputation as reliable and professional service providers.  

Henceforth, with the benefits of enhanced security, compliance with industry standards, and improved decision-making, it is clear that screening is an indispensable tool for security companies in today’s world.  

Ultimately, investing in staff vetting is a wise decision that can bring long-term benefits and peace of mind to security companies and their clients alike. 

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