Best Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Attract New Patients

Chiropractors have this huge job of dealing with the prevailing stigma about whether chiropractors are real doctors or the fear that it might be unsafe or deal with the question of its effectiveness. Whilst dealing with all of this and treating patients, chiropractors don’t usually have time to market their practices.

Compared to the huge market of traditional medicine, chiropractic care serves fewer people. Fewer customers would indicate that the company is more likely to experience stagnation. Hence, chiropractors need to market their practice to help them generate more patients.

Chiropractors often struggle to attract new customers as they have many challenges to deal with such as heavy competition with other doctors, lack of time to create marketing strategies for better practice, and more.

An effective marketing strategy will help bring in more customers to grow your practice and stay ahead of the competition.

Here are a few tips that you can implement immediately to enhance your chiropractic practice.

1. Define your Target Audience

Before you begin with your chiropractic marketing campaign, question yourself, who you are targeting? Who are your customers? What are their expectations and needs?

Collect data from customers and create a marketing campaign based on various demographic variables and keep them informed about your practice. 

2. Develop a local presence

Spread your presence in areas where your prospective patients are. Make sure information such as your contact information, and address are in reach of customers.

Sponsoring lectures on health and wellness in the community will help you establish yourself. Spread positive awareness of chiropractic practice and dispel any negative stereotypes by sharing your insights and experience with the local community.

Being social and getting involved in your community will help you establish yourself and promote your chiropractic business.

3. Craft a website that stands out

Every patient before deciding to book an appointment will at least once pass through the website to check the credibility, services offered, staff, and customer experience. As a chiropractic practitioner make sure that you clarify customers’ inhibitions about chiropractic care, give clarity on why you are the best practitioner, ensure a warm and welcoming environment and encourage a customer to schedule an appointment.

4. Build your Reputation with Customer feedback

Customer reviews play a major role in building a business’s reputation. Create an online presence by creating a Google business profile, and give patients a platform to rate and review your practice online. Get some positive reviews to boost your business’s reputation and don’t get scared of negative reviews because you can use that as constructive criticism to provide better services.

5. Positive Impact of Patient Testimonial Videos

Create an environment that will make your patients discuss the service quality with other people. Provide good and memorable hospitality. Take the consent of your patients and film patient testimonial videos and add them to your chiropractic website. This will provide assurance for first-time visitors and create positive word-of-mouth referrals and increase your legibility. 

6. Engage patients with Email Marketing

Nurture your existing patient relationships by communicating regularly. Send regular updates, articles, and a monthly newsletter about spine health, and information about future deals to your current and prospective patients using structured email campaigns.

Maintain their interest in your chiropractic practice by keeping them informed. The stronger you build your relationship with current patients, the better the probability of more referrals, and more referrals will lead to new patients. 

7. Increase Referrals with social media marketing

One more simple way to draw attention and streamline your chiropractic clinic is through social media marketing. Select a social media platform where your target market is active and start posting reliable and useful content consistently. Share health and wellness tips, fascinating articles, and links to your blog postings, and engage daily to increase social interaction and improve patient retention and referrals.

8. Post Blogs Regularly

Integrating a blog into your website and updating regularly will increase traffic and attract new customers for your chiropractic services. Regular posting of blogs on chiropractic services and topics related to health and wellness will give confidence to patients about your knowledge in the health industry. 

Similarly, Guest blogging will help readers to find high-quality backlinks to your website and increase awareness of your practice.

9. Optimize websites as mobile-friendly

Make sure your chiropractic website is optimized for mobile users since people have been researching and reserving services using their mobile devices. Make information easily available through mobile applications and make it simpler for potential clients to contact you. 

Boost your business by using text messaging, alerts, reminders, and feedback surveys. Utilizing mobile marketing techniques in this form will enable you to engage with patients and communicate with them pleasantly and efficiently.

10. Advertise online using Google Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) is frequently a wise choice for people who have just started a new website or who reside in an area with a lot of competition. For instance, Google Ads enables you to carefully target nearby people who are utilizing Google’s search engine to discover a new chiropractor.

You can enable proximity or radius targeting with Google Ads. In addition, you may use Google Ads to target those searching for specific difficulties rather than just generic searches like chiropractic or chiropractor. 

Make your ads, choose the search terms you want to target, and link them to a specific landing page on your website. If someone clicks on the advertisement, you are charged.

11. Schedule your appointment efficiently

With having to give personal attention to patients for chiropractors it is highly important for doctors to efficiently manage their appointments. Using an efficient online scheduling app will help in efficiently managing patients.

Do you want to create a website with a simple booking page? Are you trying to avoid double bookings? Want to manage your staff? All of these questions can be answered by Picktime.

Picktime is a free online appointment scheduling app that allows you to create and schedule your appointments, manage your staff and resource schedules, maintain secure customer databases, email marketing, send automated email and SMS alerts,  handle your payments, and generate computerized invoices.

Picktime allows you to create a personalized booking page with custom intake forms to gather additional information about patients and let customers self-schedule their appointments 24/7. You can add the book now button to your chiropractic website and let customers schedule appointments hassle-free. 

You can sync your Google/Outlook/Apple calendars to your Picktime calendar to make sure that there are no overlappings and block your time and manage the number of slots available effortlessly.

Integrate with virtual conferencing apps like Google Meet and Zoom to conduct meetings virtually with patients, irrespective of the geographical distance.

Picktime enhances your Chiropractic business with the integration of Mailchimp and constant contact which will help you engage your audience with email marketing. Never let a patient miss their appointment by sending them automated Emails or SMS via Picktime.

Avoid delayed payments by integrating payment portals such as Paypal and Stripe and get advance payments from patients and get computerized invoices.

And, finally a major bonus for you regarding this amazing software, it’s for Free! 

An efficient Scheduling system will create a positive impression on the practice and will increase the number of referrals which will attract new Patients.


Chiropractic care is a very competitive practice. You always have to stay one step ahead and always keep updating your website and profile to increase your credibility and trust in patients. One of the best ways to grow your practice is by implementing these targeted chiropractic marketing strategies. So what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and chiropractic marketing strategies to establish your practice and attract new patients!

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