SMD Screen Display Some Benefits You Must Know in Pakistan

Service Rental SMD screen Display adopts three-in-one packaging technology for SMD. It’s a classic rental screen with a great performance, and its impressive image effects have made numerous customers an enjoyable experience. Let’s discover more about this display in the same way, SMD screen!

What is SMD?

SMD is an abbreviation used to describe Surface Mounted Devices, which is one of the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components.

20 years ago several manufacturers introduced such products as surface-mount LEDs (SMD LEDs) have become more and more popular on the market and have increased their market share. The switch from pin-type LEDs to SMD is consistent with the overall growth trend in the electronics sector.

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The technology used to package is to place the LED light-emitting device in the bracket to create a lampshade (SMD surface mount) and then glue it onto the PCB board using solder. The PCB board and surface are mounted in a high-temperature oven to allow curing and sintering (reflow soldering) and then solder the LED leads with a sintering process using pressure. Once the bracket is bonded using epoxy resin, which forms the module for display the unit is then spliced into the board.

The fundamental material used in the SMD process is:

Support Heating and conductivity dissipation. The LED chip this chip is the principal element that makes up the LED lamp.

Conductive circuit The PAD chip connects (PAD) as well as the bracket and it can be turned.

Epoxy resin safeguards inside the structure lamp beads. It can also alter the brightness, color, and angle of lamp beads.

A three-in-one SMD technology:

Three-in-one refers to a form of led display technology. It refers to an SMT lamp that has been encapsulated in three colors of yellow, red, and blue LED chips RGB packed inside the same gel over an interval of. UNIT MAGIC500 Front Service Rental LED Display adopts the three-in-one packaging technique of SMD. This LED screen that uses this method has a wider viewing angle than the entire screen. The screen’s surface is able to be treated with reflections of light, and the effect of the images displayed is stunning. The image is not too smooth and the color consistency is satisfactory.

For processing color, it’s also simpler to utilize 3-in-1 SMD technology to distinguish the light and color. The intensity of the color is also fairly high. Because the three-in-1 uses the whole surface to release light and light, the overall color appears more uniform. This is paired with the fact that it is simpler to regulate the general display’s flatness the technology has long been the most common technology utilized for high-definition LED displays.

Superb manufacturing procedure:

UNIT MAGIC500 Front Service Rental LED Display seamlessly combines the most advanced technology and stunning design. Four corner protectors are located on the corners of each display screen. They protect any LED chips from becoming damaged by external impacts.

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Ultra-light and ultra-thin design:

This LED display that is outdoor is a standard 500*500mm size box and the body is made of ultra-light aluminum die-casting, which is extremely light. In terms of thickness, MAGIC500 is just 80mm. Its weight, size, and size make it ideal for transport and portability. This design can help in cost-saving in transportation.

Super high level of waterproofness:

For outdoor LED displays the need for waterproofing is a major concern for both the supplier and the end user. The exterior of the MAGIC500 Outdoor Rental LED Display module is constructed using an innovative gluing procedure that is able to reach IP68 waterproof levels, which will keep the module out of the water and become damp. Additionally, it is waterproof it will also effectively shield its internal LED chip against damage by solid objects. Be sure to secure the safety that the inside chip on the other hand, it is also to extend the lifespan of the SMD screen.

Perfect LED cabinet design:

Good products result from the designer’s complete control of small details. Starting with the handle of the cabinet fixed slot in the cabinet, to quick lock the style of these little details adheres to the industrial aesthetics and principles. With an adsorption magnet module, an installation knob for the module, and an adaptable power supply box which makes the setting up as well as maintenance practices.

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The cabinet’s entire structure is an open front and back design. The led screen has magnetic panels, which makes it easier to set up. The covers for the back are also removable. With the added protection of the double-sealed rubber band, it is not necessary to fret about the ingress of water.

High-precision arc lock with high precision:

The high-precision design of the arc lock (-10deg from +10deg) eliminates the issue with the traditional arc lock, which has been difficult to utilize previously. The control for rotation can be more accurate and simple to operate and the curve can be quickly adjusted. It is not an issue whatsoever in meeting the basic specifications for arc installation.

Top-quality protection features:

Alongside the protective design of the LED panel, this item also considers the necessity for collision prevention of the body of the module. There are corner guards at each of the four edges of the cabinet to stop the LED from getting damaged. This design makes for safer transport and installation. As for the procedure of assembly and operation, the foldable design is simple to use.

Test for aging:

The test for the aging of our products is a minimum of 24 hours to ensure the reliability of the LCD screen. We employ experienced testers and standard workshops. We adhere to the standards for aging tests to ensure that our devices will give the most accurate results even in prolonged working conditions.

Product Description:

The MAGIC500 series full-color rental LED display includes 4 items. The specifications of the display are in between outdoor fixed LED displays as well as smaller-pitch LED displays. The specifications for pixel pitch include P2.604, P2.976, P3.91 as well as P4.81. The three models in the first two are typically used indoors. The models that follow are suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors.


The full-color rental LED screen is extensively used. It can be seen at the events listed below, including fashion shows, stage shows, temporary advertisements launch of new products, and so on. Four MAGIC500 series options to choose from, and there’s no requirement to distinguish between indoor and outdoor. It is enough to know the distance of your viewing according to the occasion, then select the suitable for the rental. If you’d like to learn more about this impressive LED screen.

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